The event you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived and it’s set to exceed all your expectations!

Truly a spectacle like never before. We introduce to you the extraordinary TRD Circus Edition!

For Freshers, TRD is where it all starts and, like any circus, we’ll be taking you under our wings and teaching you all the tricks of the trade in the very best of atmospheres. You’re starting a crazy new journey and there’s no better way to initiate it than by taking this leap of faith and becoming part of this vibrant family.

It’s bound to be a festive weekend to amaze and wonder all. We’ve got a lot up our sleeve, with an Opening Ceremony to showcase the talents amongst us; the Greatest Showdown to give you an engaging introduction to our community; a variety of sessions to introduce you to the marvellous world of Medicine; and -for the first time ever- the Carnival Crawl, a contest that will take you around the local pubs and reward the most daring (and tipsy) amongst you. Of course, the reputation of the TRD Themed Parties precedes them, guaranteeing you a night of rebellious indulgence that you’ll (never) forget!