Executive Board

Executive Board

The Executive Board is made of 5 students: the president, vice president for internal affairs, vice president for external affairs, secretary general and treasurer.

Apart from the individual jobs of these individuals as listed below, the Executive board is the main organ, that is usually behind the scenes, that takes important decisions when it comes to finances, communicating with externals, coordinating work within the association and decisions that directly affect the student body. The executive board therefore supplements the work done by the other board members and coordinators within MMSA while making sure that each and every office within MMSA is working to their urmost.

Matthew Buttigieg

The President’s role is to safeguard the statute and policy of the MMSA whilst being the main organ of prosperity in professionalism, representation and efficacy. The president is the front person and main representative of the MMSA and must ensure good relationship and collaboration with entities outside the MMSA.

Assistant - Gillian Pace 

Michaela Abela

The Vice-President for External Affairs is responsible for liaising with external entities with the aim of improving the organisation’s professional relations and also bring forward new opportunities for the associations members. Together with the policy team, he also oversees the creation and adherence to MMSA’s policy. He is the main point of contact for international organisations that MMSA forms part of including IFMSA (the International Federation of Medical Student Associations) and EMSA (the European Medical Student Association) and is also responsible for a number of events including Freshers’ Week and Science in the City.

Assistant - Rachel Muscat Baron 

International Liason Coordinator for IFMSA - Conor Shaw 

Policy Coordinator - Gillian Pace 

Science in the City Coordinators - Jake Vella, Karl Vella 

Freshers' Week Coordinators - Neriah Mangion, Denise Micallef, Gerald Sammut 

Michaela Zammit

As the VPi my main role is to coordinate the administration of the Board from the inside, and ensure that we are functioning well, both as individuals and more so as MMSA. I’m also in charge of taking care of the office, overseeing the Standing Committee heads and their events, planning out the MMSA Calendar, and compiling the RAR - a report which, due to MMSA being such a big organisation, always exceeds two and a half thousand pages!

Assistant - Naomi Frendo 

Daniel Agius

The secretary general is the person who keeps the wheels of the organisation turning and oils the engine of MMSA. My role is to organise the board meetings, act as legal representative, take official minutes and that of executive matters. However, this job is even more interesting and enjoyable as I also get to organise one of MMSA’s most important events; the infamous TRD!

Assistant - Deborah Caruana 

Inclusion Coordinator - Noor Almeerza 

Timothy Borda

Many of the duties and responsibilities of the treasurer’s office occur behind the scenes, but as those who write out the cheques, it’s always helpful to be in our good books ;) We are responsible for overseeing all of MMSA’s finances, sponsorships, grants, and merchandise distribution, as well as carrying out the financial planning and budgeting for the term. Like all other offices and standing committees, the treasurer’s office has its own opportunities and benefits, such as arranging discounts and special offers for medical students and handing out grants for international opportunities and conferences, so make sure to stay tuned and take full advantage!

Assistant - Maya Morrow 

Merchandise Coordinators - Deborah Caruana & Jolene Saliba