World Diabetes Day is back! Once again, MMSA will join the rest of the world in the face of a true public health concern of national and international gravity - Diabetes.

Our focus is to raise awareness and educate the community to take control of their diabetes or how to prevent it, while empowering medical students to have a pivotal role in this goal!

Join us in Valletta on the 17th of November for MMSA's annual public event for the opportunity to have free screenings (blood glucose, blood pressure and BMI), several information stands, activities and more!

All medical students are encouraged to help us spread the message as far and wide as we can! Those who want to volunteer for this event are asked to sign up by no later than Sunday 3rd November.

🔵 WORLD DIABETES DAY 2019 Leaders 🔵

Calling all seasoned health-checkers (i.e. 2nd years and above)!

The call for MMSA | World Diabetes Day 2019 Leaders is now open. Help teach our newbies how to take BP, BG and BMI and play a big part in our annual WDD campaign.

To sign up, please fill in the google form below by Saturday 2nd November 23:59

Stay tuned to find out what else we have planned!

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