THE AFTERMATH ‘’ 1 ˈɑːftəmaθ,ˈɑːftəmɑːθ/. Aftermath - noun The consequences or after-effects of a significant unpleasant event.” After a month of stress and exams, tired and drained students come crawling out of their shelter of books and notes, surveying the aftermath of the past month, wondering what to do now that it’s all over. Luckily for you we have just the right answer! Our solution consists of a huge party and loads of booze – Once again the Malta Health Students' Association (MHSA)] || MMSA - Leisure || S-Cubed - Science Students' Society have teamed up again to bring to you another edition of - THE AFTERMATH - the University’s End of Exams party. This record-breaking event will help you get over the stress you’ve accumulated throughout the study period. Whether you're drinking to your success or to forget how much you’ve messed up - let's celebrate making it through one more semester! So come join us at Sky Club and drown your post-exam blues away! DJ line-up : AUDIOPHORIA BONUU POCCI ZIGGY Ticket hotlines: Samuel Attard 79951704 Simon Agius 99028611 Martina Darmanin 77249512 Venue: Sky Club, Paceville Date: 29.01.16 at 10:30 Tickets: 5 euros - OUT NOW! The turnout over the past years has always hit the 1k mark, leading the event to be sold out. So get your tickets ASAP! Finally, goodluck for your exams! The Aftermath team