Our search for research starts one step at a time ! This year’s Research Conference will address your needs and your questions regarding starting a research project locally. Can I as a medical student with my current resources conduct a study ? Where do I start ? Do I need infinite time and contacts to publish ? As tomorrow’s doctors with a vision to progress, research will be our bread and butter.

As part of the Conference,MMSA SCOME will be also be launching MINIMA MEDICA 2020 Magazine ! This publication includes 6 pieces of academic writing prepared by our students. Thanks to a collaboration with MMSA Exchanges-Out, we will also have an introduction to Research Exchanges whilst we will be discussing the Intercalated Year as an option in our Medical Course offered at UM.

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Date : 20th February 2020
Time : 4pm-7:30pm
Venue: Central Auditorium MDH

Application Deadline: Wed 12th 11:59pm

Certificates will be distributed after the conference. Do not miss this opportunity !