Cardiovascular complications are the single best killer in Malta - yet we continuously find difficult to interpret ECGs. 

Cardio exams race our hearts both in pre-clinical and clinical years - therefore reinforced ECG basics are essential ! This workshop is aimed at MD1 and MD 2 students and will be facilitated in an interactive, step-by-step approach. 

Should all ECG waves look the same ? 

Is there a consistent and easy method to interpret ECGs ? 

What are the main arrhythmias ?

You’ll never know how creative examiners can be with ECGs ! Let’s prevent a heart block and sharpen our ECG skills to perfection before the final MD 1 cardio exam and the most famous MD 2 integrated exam!

Date: Wednesday 4th March

Time: 12pm-2pm 

Venue: nALR 

Fill in the below form - limited attendees will be accepted to make this workshop interactive as possible.

Certificates will be distributed after the event.