The SCOME PMP team will be organising the last workshop for this term ! With an effort to deliver more training sessions for everybody to succeed, we will be organising a separate session for our pre clinical and our clinical years

Date: 19th March 2020 (Public Holiday)

Venue: Central Auditorium

Pre Clinical Sessions: 10am - 12:30am

Pre - Clinical Application

Pre - Clinical Waiting List

Pre clinical years will attend both a ‘’Phlebotomy and Cannulation’’ and ‘’Suturing 1.0’’

Clinical Sessions: 8:30am - 10am

Clinical Application

Clinical Waiting List

Clinical years will choose between ‘’ Phlebotomy fine tuning’’ or ‘’ Suturing 2.0’’

Attendees who secured a spot, make sure to press ‘Going’ on the event as there will be final reminders.

Corvid 19 notice: Our students’ health and safety are utmost priority. As a precaution, only up to 40 students will be allowed at a session and the venue chosen is large and spacious. Should there be any further updates from the health authorities, necessary decisions will be taken.

We hope to be productive, effective and helpful !