Welcome to the 16th edition of TRD, one of the most anticipated events in the MMSA calendar! You simply cannot be a medical student and miss the Training, Resource and Development Weekend, trust us, it’s one to remember. It is the perfect platfrom for MMSA newbies.

TRD is jam-packed with sessions, from Standing Committee Sessions to orient the first years, to more practical sessions like Suturing, Phlebotomy, First Aid, Emergency, Surgery and Sexual History Taking. We go out of our way to make these sessions interactive and fun, all the while portraying exactly what MMSA is about. 

First years will also be treated to 7 trainings tackling practical skills such as time management and abstract skills such as lateral thinking, to be given by professional trainers in each field.

But fear not, as medical students our motto is work hard, and play even harder. Which is why we have organised day activites such as laser tag, escape games, archery and zorbing. This year, we will also be having the first ever TRD Chill-Out Area, where you can relax, listen to some good music, play some board games with international students and maybe even get a Henna Tattoo. 

Last but not least, the social programme. After 10pm, students are officially in the hands of the leisure team, and leisure never disappoints. Stay tuned for the release of the legendary TRD themed parties (p.s. dont forget your costumes ;) ) 

This year the marvellous San Antonio Hotel will be hosting this weekend; newly refurbished, ample space, luxurious rooms and refreshing pools, the perfect environment for meeting new people and feeling at home. 


Online forms will be published on the 1st of October, be sure to book your place ASAP to avoid disappointment. Once you apply, print and sign the Waiver of Liability and bring it with you on the 3rd of October (1st day of Freshers’ Week) at the MMSA stand, together with a cheque/bank overdraft of 70 euro, the caution money (20 euro in cash) and the respective amount of money for the activity that you have signed up for.

We’re looking forward to meeting you, and we hope that you are as excited for the weekend as we are. And rememeber, together is always better :)

This event is sponsored by Sidroc Services Ltd. & Copyserv Ltd, supported by Vascas Jewellers & Home.