Hi everyone.

Are you ready to shine your hard work?

Let it be seen wink

SCOME is once again updating the MMSA Notes database and is open for fresh notes.

We know you have been working hard on your art masterpiece, so don’t be shy and let it be seen.

If you are willing to help us collect helpful material for the benefit of students, send us your notes, charts, study notes, etc.

Send the document in pdf format to:

This year SCOME, with my help and Sarah Azzopardi , gathered all the missing notes from the MMSA database. You may check them out and help us fill the gaps 😊






Students donating notes should add:

• A header with their  full name in the top left corner

• A header with the date of the academic year during which the notes  were compiled in the top right corner

• A title to the document

• The initials of the lecturers who delivered the lecture/CTS

• A footer with the words ‘MMSA-SCOME Notes Database.’

Kindly prior to sending your document, proofread and spell-check it.

We care that students be provided with accurate and reliable recourses, and we trust the aim is mutual.

Points will be allocated for students sharing notes.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to message us

Thank you, we appreciate your inputs!

SCOME Academics Coordinators.