For the Second Aware in Care event of this term in collaboration with SEDQA, ’’Approaching addiction” is an event focussed around the topic of addiction with special focus being placed on how the multiple disciplines involved in treating addiction interact with each other, how different forms of addiction are treated and the potential human right infringements those dealing with addiction may suffer through. Following this we will also have case scenarios which upon being presented to us we will split into small groups to discuss them in small groups before reconvening to discuss them all together. Finally, we would then finish off the session with discussing some myths about addiction and any questions you may have.

The forefront of addiction has become inundated with outdated and blatantly false information in recent years. Therefore, we encourage you to come to this event so that not only can we become more informed on addiction but so that we can help ourselves, peers and patients begin to view and treat it as the chronic disease it really is.

The event will be held on 6th December @NALR in the Biomedical building between 17:30 and 19:30. To register please follow the link below. Vaccine certificates will be required on entry.