πŸ—“: 4th May 2022
πŸ•’: 7pm - 8:30pm
πŸŒ…: Obstacle course academy imriehel
πŸ’·: 12 euro

Hope everyone is well!

Join us for another BYOB session, in collaboration with Ryan Mex!

Benefit from this introductory session to learn how to conquer obstacles which are used in several obstacle races such as the grid & tough mudder! πŸ’

Apply through this doodle form:

Payments are to be made to MMSA's official revolut account, following the steps below:

1) Access Revolut and go on Transfers (bottom of the screen)

2) Press "Send"

3) On the top right of the screen press "New" & add a bank recipient

4) Change the setting to "Business" and change country to "Lithuania"

5) Add the below IBAN number

6) Save the account as MMSA. Send in the money.

Contact Beppe Cassar, Carla Mifsud, Faye Magro, Diana Gauci or Adriel Camilleri should you have any queries!