In the coming weeks, MMSA Public Health will be organising a vaccination workshop and drive in collaboration with the Infection Control Unit of Mater Dei.
Through this initiative, clinical year students will have the opportunity to learn how to give an IM injection and administer the Influenza Vaccine to Mater Dei staff and patients. Certificates of Participation will be issued by the Infection Control Unit of Mater Dei and MMSA if sufficient hours have been completed.
Those interested in taking part in the vaccination drive are required to attend the workshop, even if they have attended other vaccination workshops.
The workshop will take place next Wednesday 12th October 2022 at 11:00am.
A limited number of slots are available on a first come first serve basis (20 only). Furthermore, *only clinical students with previous experience administering vaccines (influenza or covid) will be considered.*

Please fill in the following google form if you are interested in applying.