The SCORA team is excited to re-introduce our Valentine's Day event! We will be at Quad with stands speaking about different topics with regards to Sexual Health. There will also be a bake sale! All donations will be going to Checkpoint Malta who is working with us in collaboration with HPDP and VJ Pharma to organise this event! ❀
This year, Valentine's day will have a Leisure twist✨
We'll be sharing the love the old fashioned way via love letters πŸ’Œ
While you can use this as an opportunity to let your significant other know how much they mean to you, this is not limited to couples. You can send letters to your friends or to that person you currently have your eyes onπŸ‘€
How will this work? πŸ€”
Letters are to be left in the MMSA room. The room will be locked so you can slide the letters under the door. The deadline to submit your letters is Monday 13th February at 5pm. On Monday evening, a list of people to collect their letters will be posted. Letters can be collected from our stand on Tuesday from 9am to 2pm.
Some pointers:
πŸ’˜Whether you decide to fold your letter or enclose it in an envelope, it is important that the name of the recipient is written on the outside so that we wouldn't have to open the letter ourselves.
πŸ’˜You can choose not to write your own name if you wish to remain anonymous.
πŸ’˜You can write multiple letters to different people.
πŸ’˜Each letter may range from a short phrase to a full-on essay, so feel free to do whatever.
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me, Valeriya Bonkova, Lara Bugeja or Neil Portelli <33
The Leisure and SCORA Teams ❀