Dear MMSA Members,
MMSA's Annual General Meeting is approaching in the upcoming weeks! Our association is built on student work and activism and run by a dedicated board. However, the board’s input is not enough. This is YOUR opportunity to discuss and vote on key issues as well as to propose them.
Please follow this event for any updates and important information regarding this important event.
The first day of the AGM will be Monday 13th March at 3.30pm and the second day will be Tuesday 14th March at 3.30pm as well, both being held in person at the Central Auditorium, Level 3, Mater Dei Hospital.
All the information regarding the AGM procedures will be uploaded in the coming days so if you are interested in exercising your rights as a member please do read them.
It is important to note that during this AGM, candidatures for the upcoming Board of Directors and Supervising Council will be presented, as well as important updates on what MMSA has been dealing with this past year.
Following the AGM on Tuesday 14th March, a debate between candidates may take place on Wednesday 15th, followed by a silent day on Thursday 16th.
Elections will take place ONLINE on Friday 17th March.

- All medical students may attend, vote and propose in the AGM.
- ALL Candidates must read and SIGN the UPDATED Code of Conduct and send it in at least 1 hour before the start of the AGM.
- Statute and Bylaw changes must be submitted to the Secretary General on no later than 23:59pm of the night before the start of the AGM on a motion form provided in the google drive attached.
- Motion forms on other matters may be filled in and submitted before or during the AGM itself.
- Differences between procedural and simple motions are explained on the drive.
- You may review all reports and prepare questions; they will soon be available on the drive.
- All important documents can be found on the google drive link: