This year our Ecolution Team has been busy organising the first ever ECOLUTION BOAT DAY! ⛵

This boat trip planned for Wednesday 16th of August will be guided by Mark Galea Pace part of the Coast is Clear Foundation. The day will start at 8.45 am at Manwel Island and you will return to land at 4pm.  
On this trip, you will get the opportunity to visit various coastal spots, anchor the boat close by, swim, kayak and collect bags full of plastic to bring back to the boat. The organiser will be providing free water, and have coolers for any drink you want to bring along. 😎

Did I mention that this is all for free? 

The boat only has space for 4 participants, but don’t won’t worry this won’t be your only opportunity to take part in the boat day, look out for another one coming soon. 💚

Because of the limited spaces, a straw poll will be posted 8th of August at 5pm, so participants will be a first come, first serve basis. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask our Ecolution coordinator @Amber Dimech, the SCORP assistant @Timothy Borg or myself