Good morning! Join us for another BYOB session, in collaboration with Ryan Mex! Benefit from this introductory session to learn how to conquer obstacles which are used in several obstacle races such as the grid & tough mudder! This will be taking place on Tuesday 31st October from 6pm till 7:15pm at Obstacle Course Academy, Imriehel. The price for the session will be 10 euro, and places are limited so try to apply straight away! 🧡🧡

Apply through this google form:

Payments can be sent through Revolut. Follow the steps below:

  1. Access Revolut and go on Transfers (bottom of the screen)

  2. Press "Send"

  3. On the top right of the screen press "New" & add a bank recipient

  4. Change the setting to "Business" and change country to "Malta"

  5. Add the below IBAN number MT58VALL22013000000014906799016

  6. Save the account as MMSA. Send in the money.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact myself, Charisse VassalloOmar KassabZak Abela, or Matthias Pellicano.

Credits to Shania Psaila for PR!