Does giving sessions interest you but you’re scared you’ll blank out in the middle of one? Do you want to improve your public speaking skills and have what it takes to speak in front of an audience? The Standing Committee on Peer Education & Training (SCOPET) will be organising a workshop on the 16th of November to focus on just that!

We will be introducing our coordinators that have worked so hard to prepare several sessions and events throughout the year. They will be there to explain to you what happens in the many events we have coming up in the near future, including SCOPET weekend! We will also be joined by some of our trainers who will deliver a training session on the main aspects of session-giving and what one should keep in mind. These will not only help you prepare yourself for events organised by all five standing committees, but will also serve as a building block for the strong character development you will need as future doctors. 

So join us on the 16th at NALR during degree plus hours! This event is open for all years. If interested, please send an email to with your name and MD year to register. Deadline to apply is 13th November.