MMSA - Sexual and Reproductive Health

One of the MMSA's biggest annual events is back and preparations are in full swing! 

We have a jam packed week leading up to the 1st of December, the international day for raising awareness on HIV and AIDS. 

There are 36.7 million (diagnosed) HIV positive people worldwide. About 240 people contract HIV per hour, and about 35 million people have died suffering AIDS since its first outbreak. Something must be done. 

In Malta last year there were over 60 new cases of HIV positive individuals. However there are over 300 diagnosed patients living with HIV on the island. The amount of HIV cases over the past 5 years has almost quadrupled. 

Throughout the coming weeks we shall be organising many events and campaigns to eliminate the stigma, spread awareness, and commemorate those who have passed away after suffering AIDS: 

1. Open Debate on Campus (23rd Nov)
2. Speed Dating and Games on Campus (25th Nov)
3. BuscAID and Flash Mob (26th Nov) 
4. Candle Vigil (26th Nov) 

The Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health including AIDS has also launched a public testing project in collaboration with many student organisations on Campus. We have invited students who run such associations to get tested at the GU Clinic. Our aim is to show the general public, especially university students, that there is no shame in taking care of your own health, by setting an example with some familiar faces. 

Our message ends here, your participation will help end a global epidemic. HIV is not spread through bodily fluids, but through ignorance. 

Let us Educate to Eradicate.