We live in a world where taboo on sexually transmitted infections is slowly, but surely, being replaced by knowledge. This is why we have taken the initiative to organise an event in the effort to further promote such knowledge on sexual health. 

In collaboration with our World AIDS Day campaign, the MMSA is organising an open debate on campus with a panel of 5 guest speakers (to be announced in the coming days). The panel will be tackling and discussing issues of sexual health on the Maltese islands. Each speaker has been asked to participate due to their background in study, or association to causes that have to do with sexually transmitted infections including HIV. 

So if you’ve ever wondered; what is the situation in Malta? How can I protect myself from these infections? What is being done to prevent the spread? And who is at risk? Join us on quad during Degree Plus, take a seat or just listen to what these well informed speakers have to say. 

Let us Educate to Eradicate.