The MMSA’s biggest annual celebration of health is once again upon us!
This year, all of Standing Committees have united under one banner to organise an event of massive proportions. Not only will we be providing the classic free health checks, but each Standing Committee will have their own stand to provide their input on this year’s very relevant theme: “Family Health”.

We will also be joined by a Red Cross Ambulance which will be opening its doors to the public and demonstrating the very essential role they perform in healthcare.

If you’re interested in getting to grips with your own health and the health of your loved ones, join us on Saturday the 18th of March in Valletta for an event which truly hits home.
More exciting details will be announced shortly.

All MMSA members interested in participating in making this event possible should put down their names in the Doodle Poll below by no later than the 9th of March: 

Event sponsored by: Copyserv LimitedSidroc Services Ltd. and KPMG in Malta