It’s 2017, Donald Trump is President, Salt Bae is somehow actually a thing, Beyonce’s having twins and the Azure Window is no more, so we thought why not add some more fun to the crazy mix? 

Ladies and gentleman, boys & girls, without further ado, MMSA’s Mental Health team presents the first ever (at least according to us) fun fair on campus - Il-Festa tal-Ġenn. 

The mental health campaign this year is aimed at defeating both the associated stigma as well as stress among us students and so for our final event of the year we decided to combine the both of these. 

Now you know how great we Maltese are at playing games, so we’re not just going to come right out and tell you what’s in store, what would be the fun in that?

Within the next 14 days, we will be revealing the different attractions we’re going to have set up on the day and how you can win tokens to have your own go at them! So keep updated and click ‘going’ because trust us, you will be. 

We’ll see you on quad on the 22nd for a day full of fun and laughs and who knows you might even fit in a lecture or two! 

Much love & lots of banter, 
The MH team.

Event sponsored by: Copyserv LimitedSidroc Services Ltd. , Optika OpticiansTeamsportEmbassy Cinemas VallettaAgenda Bookshop andBusy Bee Limited