Sick of the Azure window memes on your wall? Feel like getting off your phones and away from your books for a while? Well here’s your chance! CAMPING IS COMING!

So if you have always wished to go camping but never had to opportunity this is not an event to miss! Join us for 3 days of outdoor activities, fresh air and plenty of bonfires! Your first time camping? Fear not. The camping site in Ghajn Tuffiegha is equipped with showering and toilet facilities. 

Prices for the camping are the following: 
- If you have a tent and you’re gonna bring it with you: 35 euros
- If you do not have a tent we will be renting for an additional price of 10 euros.

Applications for the camping is fast and simple through the google form below:

Deadline to apply is Friday the 24th of March.

So grab a friend and come along for another unforgettable SCOPH event!
This event is sponsored by: 
Sidroc Services Ltd.
Copyserv Ltd