It’s the middle of the week and you’re already on your hands and knees yearning for weekend to roll by. What better way to have a break from the exhausting stream of lectures than to join us on the University Quadrangle on the 15th of March, between 10:00 and 14:00 for a never-ending list of fun and exciting activities, right on your lecture room’s doorstep!

In line with this year’s Health Fest theme: “Family Health”, we’re targeting the main issue that every student unfortunately has to deal with as some point in their lives: stress.

Come along and relieve your stress by trying your hand at a punching bag, imitating sumo wrestlers, challenging your friends at a round of table soccer or a rowing match, staring open-mounted at a weight-lifting demonstration and even, embodying your inner Legolas or Robin Hood by trying out some archery!

You can also expect a wide selection of fresh smoothies and oat treats – the perfect selection of food to enjoy right underneath the Springtime sun!

Event sponsored by: Copyserv LimitedSidroc Services Ltd.KPMGMalta Archery and Kinetika Fitness Clubs