It's time... time for all medical students to come together and in one great big meeting participate in some of the most important processes of the Malta Medical Students' Association! This is your chance to see how MMSA works and to get involved!

The Annual General Meeting is once again upon us and this year, it will be held on Monday 27th March and Tuesday 28th March at Central Auditorium, Mater Dei Hospital from 4pm onwards. During this AGM, students will be able to learn about all the work that has been done so far in this term by the individual BD Members and bodies of the MMSA as well as ask pressing questions on the matter. Moreover all the prospective candidates for the elections for the MMSA Board of Directors and Supervising Council for the term 2017-2018 will have the opportunity to present themselves officially to the MMSA for the first time and answer questions about their candidatures. 

The AGM will be split on to two days to allow for more time dedicated to end-of-year reports and candidatures, with time allowing for questions and discussion, and to grant more time to the statue and bylaw changes. 

The agenda for the AGM on Monday 27th March follows that stipulated in the bylaws and hence includes the following points:

Election of AGM Chairperson, Secretary and Assistant Secretary
Approval of Previous General Meeting Minutes
Approval of Reports by all members of BD
Approval of Report by Supervising Council
Financial Report Presentation and Approval
Appointment of the Electoral Commission
Presentation of Candidatures of the nominees for the following BD and SupCo (candidates may choose not to have a presentation)

The second part of the AGM taking place on Tuesday 28th March, from 4pm onwards Central Auditorium. The agenda will consist of the following:
Policy Paper Presentation by Chair of Policy Committee 
Feedback Report by Feedback Coordinator
Impact Report by Projects Coordinator
Amendments to the Statute and Bylaws

This is a golden opportunity to take the most active role possible within the MMSA and change the way the Association functions and operates. You have the opportunity to submit, discuss and vote on changes to our statute and by-laws, our governing documents, available via the following link : 

Th google drive folder will be updated with more important documents, so stay tuned!

All medical students are invited and encouraged to attend!

The AGM is one of MMSA's biggest events, as it is the ultimate decision making body of the Association. Now is your time to get active and make your voice heard!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!