MMSA's BYOB | Sunset Sesh 

Summer’s ending (boo)…meaning you're already making plans for next year’s summer bod. I know right, we read your mind? But worry not, MMSA's got you covered! 

Introducing BYOB - Boost Your Own Body- a new initiative as part of the Healthy Lifestyles campaign by our very own Standing Committee on Public Health! 

Join us on the 19th of September for a FREE 1 hour long beach fitness session with a qualified instructor, followed by some beach volleyball and football for those of you who can’t get enough! 

Get ready to feel the burn as we bid a last, sweaty farewell to summer as the sun sets over the waves of Golden Bay. 

Be sure to bring your friends, mums, dogs, even your dogs’ mums! 

It’s time to boost your own body. 

- The BYOB Team