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Are there any good sides to them? Or should they just be avoided? (Spoiler alert......smoking is just bad for you)

Come find out on the 12th October at our 'Nice or Vice?' talks forming part of the MMSA - Public Health MIND, HEART and BODY initiative. 

Mind and Marijuana
Heart and Smoking
Body and Booze

Here is your chance to delve into what these vices really do to you and how they affect your general well being on a day to day basis and dispell any myths you may have heard!

Speakers will be brought in from a range of medical specialties to further discuss these three topics in an interactive way. Stay tuned to see who we've got in store for you 😉

Free refreshments will be provided!

Sign up on the following doodle poll by the 7th October:

Hope to see you all there!

With Support From:
Malta Heart Foundation
The Pain Clinic

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Sidroc Services Ltd.
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