Twinning is back!

After having a successful collaboration with Slovenia, we are now partnering up with Coimbra, Portugal to give our medical students an opportunity of a lifetime! The twinning programme offers the chance to visit another country, get a taste of its medical and cultural backgrounds, while enjoying the experience with medical students from a foreign country. 

When you register, you will be partnered up with your ‘twin’ and you will get to host each other in your own homes, enriching the experience of the twinning programme. So make sure you have available space to achieve this! Our students will visit Coimbra during the dates of 30th October and 5th November, while students from Coimbra will be visiting Malta between 10th and 16th October.

The fee to participate is 150 euro, which will cover accomodation, food expenses and medical/social programme in Coimbra for a whole week. These include trips and excursions both in and outside the city. Flights and transportation to Coimbra will need to be covered by the participants themselves.

Registration will open today and it will be done through a registration form on a first come first served basis, so keep an eye out for it through this event and MMSA Facebook Page! Deadline to register is 30th August 23:59. 

If you need any more information, don't hesitate to contact our VPe Miguel on, our Exchanges-In Officer Jessica on or our Twinning Coordinator Jean Claude on!