Just came back from tutorials and you couldn’t remember the procedure for taking a patient’s history? Forgot to ask the patient a vital question and misdiagnosed him?

Fret not- We’ve got you covered! - SCOME is back with its annual History Taking Workshop.

Taking a history is one of the most important skills that a doctor needs to possess. The workshop aims to teach you useful skills and pinpoint particular tips on how you too can become a pro at history taking. 

This year, the workshop is tailor-made for 3rd years just into Clinical Years and will allow you to test your knowledge through adequate practice under professional guidance. It will be held on the 19th of October between 17:30 and 20:30 at the KSU Common Room.

To keep the experience and workshop useful to the participants, we can unfortunately accept only the first 40 participants. 

Should you be with the first 40, you will get a confirmation email and anyone who does not manage to make it within the first 40 will be informed of any last minute availabilities for the workshop.