Introducing our latest campaign... Healthy Home, Healthy You!

As part of the MMSA’s aim to become more eco-friendly, we will be taking part in this year’s European Week for Waste Reduction. This is an initiative started by the European Parliament which aims at raising awareness about waste and its destructive impact on our environment, as well as our health.

During this eventful week we’ll be advocating for waste reduction via different platforms, as well as organising an array of activities where: 
a) we'll make you more informed about the waste’s impact on your health, and
b) what you can do to reduce the waste you produce, as well as how you can recycle more at home!

So stay tuned for what we’ve got in store and join us on this week-long challenge, and make positive, lifelong changes to your lifestyle!

Just remember: a Healthy Home, is a Healthy YOU!