ELSA Malta and MMSA are proud to present the ‘MedicoLegal Conference’ which will be held on the 2nd of December 2017 at the Fortress Builders, Valletta.

The nature of this conference will be a hybrid combination of the legal field, while also delving into the arena of healthcare and medicine. MedicoLegal issues within the medical profession are of increasing prevalence in today’s society. The doctor-patient relationship has evolved over the years, with health professionals rightly facing higher degrees of accountability in their practice. This conference aims to equip medical students with knowledge on this matter, particularly in relation to how one should face medicolegal
situations, and how to prevent such issues from arising in the first place.

The principal aim of this conference is to analyse what constitutes negligence and when liability arises in the medical profession. Besides considering the defences that can be raised in a law suit
for medical malpractice, this conference will also discuss past decisions of Maltese courts. The legal presentation will seek to address an important legal question; whether the doctor-patient
relationship may be based either upon a contract between the parties or tort, and what are the rights and liabilities of patients and doctors. The conference will feature top professionals, who will be sharing useful academic knowledge as well as offering an insight into the practical sphere of the Medical and Legal profession. Such an event is particularly relevant to clinical year students and third year law students who are currently studying obligations.

Certification will be awarded to every participant. Those wishing to participate may RSVP by filling this form:

Registration is at 9:45am and the conference will start at 10am.
The programme of the conference is as follows:

- Medical Presentation by Dr.Viktor Cassar
- Legal Presentation by Dr.Sonia Vancell
- Q&A session
- Break including a light reception
- Case Study Workshop
- Closing Presentation