| Extraordinary General Meeting |

MMSA will be holding an EGM to which all its members are invited. 

A general meeting is an opportunity for MMSA members to VOTE for changes to the statute and bylaws of the association that bind the conduct of Board Members, of MMSA procedures, and of MMSA members. This is your chance as a medical student to have a say in the running of the association. Every member to attend the meeting is awarded voting rights in the proceedings of the room. 

This meeting has been called by decision of the Board of Directors in order to make changes to the electoral system to strengthen the democratic process and ensure the smooth running of the AGM in March. Due to the specific cause of the EGM, the agenda set is very short, and should last approximately 2 hours. 

This is your chance to understand the running of a General Meeting, and to prepare yourself for the AGM in March which will be run over two days and involves the election of the next Board of Directors. We encourage members to take part in this short meeting for the sake of democracy and their own benefit. 

The agenda for the EGM includes the following points:

- Election of EGM Chairperson, Secretary and Assistant Secretary
- Approval of Previous General Meeting Minutes

-Explanation of Motions tabled by the BD
- Motions 
- Amendments to the Statute and Bylaws

Please use the following link to access all information on the EGM, including motion forms. These can be filled in and submitted to before or during the EGM. Motions can be either procedural or simple, details of each can be found in the statute and bylaws also in the following link. Should a member wish to propose amendments to the statute or bylaws, amendments must be sent up to 24 hours before the EGM to