Can’t get the hang of all those muscles and nerves for Musculoskeletal? All those equations in respiratory giving you a headache? 

Don’t worry, all is not lost! SCOME’s Practice Makes Perfect team is back and ready to help you ace your exams in a new and fun way! We present “Easy A” - the quiz that will prepare you for your first year modules in the best way we know how. So, what are you waiting for? 

Grab 4 of your med school buddies and join us on the 19th December at KSU Common Room for a fun evening of studying (yeah, I never thought I’d use that combination of words either) and the chance to win a special prize should your team prove worthy. 

Make sure you apply soon to avoid disappointment as we’re only accepting a total of 10 teams of 5 members each. As usual, this will be done on a first come, first serve basis. Book your place now by sending an email to with the name of your team and it’s 5 members (1st year students only). A 5-euro entrance fee will be collected at the door. 

Dress code: Pyjama Party 

Teams whose members are all decked out in their best sleepwear will get an extra 10 points

Easy A - the quiz to go to pass exams like a pro!