Kay Mifsud

Electives are excellent opportunities for medical students to experience a clinical placement in a hospital of their choice. These Electives are organised by the students themselves and thus can be more flexible when it comes to specialities, duration, and location!


The Electives office aims to assist students who wish to attend the elective programme  in Malta by processing their application, organising an exciting Social Programme and also being there to answer any questions they might have. In addition to this, this office aims to provide useful resources for local students to plan and embark on their own Electives abroad. When it comes to Electives, the possibilities are bound only by the extent of one’s imagination and initiative!


For more information we invite you to visit https://www.um.edu.mt/ms/medicalelectives where you will be able to find the application form and lots of useful information about the Malta Electives Program. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us on on electives@mmsa.org.mt


Assistant -

Incoming Coordinators - Charlotte-Elise Azzopardi, Kelsey Calleja, Amy Joy Cilia, Gerald Mifsud

Social Programme Coordinators - Sean Kenely