Public Relations Office

Public Relations Office

Keith Calleja

The Public Relations Officer oversees the operations of the Public Relations office. This office is responsible for enhancing MMSA's image and brand. Additionally, the team is responsible for the publication of MMSA's annual report and other significant yearly publications, ensuring adherence to the Corporate Identity Protocol.


Assistant - Shanice Sammut

Media Coordinators - Michele Borg, Rohanne Spiteri, Sophie Fitzpatrick, Maya Muscat, Lisa Fenech Pace, Leah Tanti, Aaliyah Apap, Lauren Shaw

Instagram Coordinators - Michele Borg, Naomi Cutajar

Scholar Coordinators - Naomi Cutajar

TikTok Coordinators - Hannah Felice, Haley Cassar, Ismael Salem

Content Creators - Vacant

Photographers - Nicole Spiteri Stains

Website Coordinators - Michele Borg, Isaac Axisa