Charisse Vassallo

The Standing Committee on Public Health organises a variety of public events all aimed at promoting, educating and raising awareness about all aspects of health among the general public and medical students alike. Events range from small-scale health checks, educational sessions for children and fitness sessions for medical students to large-scale outreaching events such as World Diabetes Day. The team works tirelessly all year round to address most of the pressing public health issues both locally and internationally, be it through social media or physical campaigns throughout the year.


Assistant - Elena Katrina Xuereb

Communicable Diseases Coordinator - Nathaniel Gauci, Clara Grech Joy Enriquez

Non-Communicable Diseases Coordinators - Martina Micallef, Francesca Caruana

SCOPH Goes Local Coordinators- Naomi Ferriggi, Jake Midolo, Maya Muscat

Healthy Lifestyles - BYOB Coordinators - Zak Abela, Alex Casaletto, Sean Schembri

Healthy Lifestyles - Diet - Gianni Bugelli

Blood and Organ Donation Coordinator - Elisa Gauci, Sophie Abela Fitzpatrick

Beat the Burn Coordinators- Daniel Vella, Haley Cassar

SCORP X SCOPH: Mental Health Coordinators - Kayley Ellul