Leanne Fava

SCOPET, The Standing Committee on Peer Education and Training, promotes and emphasizes the importance of improving the soft skills of medical students, as well as enhancing children's education.

Medical students educate children on various health-related themes, with the goal of establishing a sense of appreciation and awareness of scientific matters within the community. All events organized by SCOPET aim to provide a platform for our students to improve their soft skills, such as public speaking, teamwork and time management skills, which are of utmost importance in the medical course.


Officer - Leanne Fava

Assistant - Anneka Pace

Peer Education Coordinators - Lara Bugeja, Amy Carabott, Gabriel Camilleri, Elisa Farrugia Pace, Mariah Mallia

Teddy Bear Hospital Coordinators - Carol Cilia, Nicole Grixti, David Magri

Capacity Building Co-ordinators - Samira Gauci, Emma Law