Owen Cachia


The Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV and AIDS (SCORA) is aimed at making a change within our society when it comes to comprehensive sexual education, sexuality, STIs, gender-based violence and maternal health. Through our campaigns and events, we strive to break taboos and stigmas, eliminate misconceptions, and start changing the mentality of our community with regards to sexual and reproductive health.

Assistant - Emma Azzopardi

Academics co-ordinator - Daniel Garnisi & Valeriya Bonkova

Awareness Coordinators - Lorna Muscat Baron, Elyssa German, Hania Formosa

MAMA Campaign Coordinators - Jennifer Xuereb, Adrienne Gatt

Peer Education Coordinators - Lara Mohnani, Emma Camilleri, Sarah Azzopardi, Maria Schembri

Sexual Health Coordinator - Mireille Pace