Gloria Montebello

The Standing Committee on Medical Education works to implement an optimal learning environment for medical students. As a team we work to improve our medical education through clinical skills training, specialized courses, an official scientific publication, informative talks by professionals and the preparation of academical guides and documents to supplement our learning. SCOME educates students by equipping them with the right skill set to act as active mediators for change as part of one’s personal and professional development. SCOME centres around the needs of our students especially through our feedback collection, class representatives and advocacy campaigns. This is done through our joint efforts through bridge the gaps between the student cohorts, faculty and administration. Nonetheless, dynamic agendas are concerned about facing the needs of healthcare in a modern society whilst committing to making sure our education prepares us for them.


Assistant for Internal Affairs - Katya Zerafa

PMP Coordinator - Rebecca Calleja

PMP Coordinator - Steven Camilleri

Inclusion Coordinator - Mariah Borg

Assistant for External Affairs - Matthew Buttigieg

Academic Coordinator - Gabriella Debono

Freshers' Week Coordinator - Jeremy John Azzopardi

Minima Medica Coordinator - Gabrielle Grixti

Academics Coordinator - Daniel Formosa

PMP Coordinator - Thea Difesa

coME Coordinator - Martina Scicluna

Breaking the Silence Coordinator - Maria Christina Nappa

Minima Medica Coordinator - Daniela Chatlani

SCOME Weekend Coordinator - Daniel Mizzi