Laura Demicoli

SCORP, the standing committee on Human Rights and Peace focuses on advocating for the defence of human rights, peace and strength in inclusion. The SCORP team organizes activities related to mental health, human rights and their violation, refugee health and volunteering with vulnerable groups on both a local and international level. These topics form an important part of the medical field as they will inform our medical students on how to interact with different patients in the future as medical doctors and give them the opportunity to be better people and bring a smile on the faces of the people that we help.

Events planned for SCORP this year include mental health peer education sessions, with a new session targeting sports groups; local volunteering opportunities with refugees and other groups; the new Defending Your Rights Campaign focusing on the awareness of several issues such as domestic violence and human trafficking, through the use of peer education sessions and an outreaching event on Quad… stay tuned for these upcoming events and more! 💚



Assistant: Katryna Vassallo

Mental Health Coordinators: Thea Difesa and Adrienne Gatt

Defending Your Rights Coordinators: Michael Pio Cilia and Andrea Schwaiger

Refugee Health Coordinator: Abigail Magro

Helping Hands Coordinator: Martina Vella