A throwback to TRD 2016!

After months of preparation, and a jam-packed weekend, we are proud to announce that the 16th edition of TRD was a success.

We truly believe that through this event we have welcomed the first years into the MMSA family, started to introduce them to our concepts and ideas, and invited them to participate. Not only have they been introduced to the MMSA, but also to other medical students, be they in the same year of study or not. San Antonio proved to be the perfect location for the seminar; the rooms, the spa facilities and especially the conference area with the various halls were splendid. We were able to host sessions, the chill out area, and the opening ceremony smoothly.

Once again the leisure team proved itself worthy with 2 legendary themed parties, BC and Maltin. The costumes were spectacular, people really thought outside of the box, and in some cases, they were quite literally in a box.. Minus One lounge proved to be the perfect venue with an open dance floor, a massive bar maintained by the hard working leisure team and even a place to chill at the back.

After lots of positive feedback received by out-reachers, we are glad to say that we are satisfied with the outcome of this event, and can only hope that future TRDs will reach the same standard.