Executive Board

Executive Board

The Executive Board comprises five students: the President, Vice President for Internal Affairs, Vice President for External Affairs, Secretary General, and Treasurer.


In addition to their specific responsibilities outlined below, the Executive Board serves as the central governing body of MMSA. Operating largely behind the scenes, it plays a pivotal role in crucial decisions regarding internal coordination, external communications, finances, and matters directly impacting the student body. The Executive Board complements the efforts of other board members and coordinators within MMSA, ensuring optimal functionality across all offices within the organisation.


Martha Schembri

The President’s role is to safeguard the statute and policy of MMSA whilst being the main organ of prosperity in professionalism, representation and efficacy. As the front person and main representative of MMSA, the President must collaborate with various external entities, working hard to maintain good relationships and ensuring that the student body is at the centre of all decisions made. It is also the responsibility of the President to ensure the smooth functioning of the entire Board of Directors, and MMSA as a whole!


Assistant - Yasmine Bonnici

Translation and Proof Reading Coordinators - Francesca Caruana, Carla Debono, Ruby Sciriha Camilleri

Krysta Cutajar

The Vice President for External Affairs is responsible for liaising with external entities with the aim of improving the organisation’s professional relations and bringing forward new opportunities for the association's members. Together with the policy team, she also oversees the development and implementation to MMSA’s policies. She is the main point of contact for international organisations that MMSA forms part of including IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations) and EMSA (European Medical Students’ Association), as well as managing several events, including Freshers’ Week and Science in the City.


Assistant - Francesca Caruana

IFMSA Coordinator- vacant

EMSA Coordinator - Ruby Sciriha Camilleri

Policy Coordinator - vacant

Freshers' Week Coordinators - Chantelle Azzopardi, Courtney Ellul, Marta Attard

Science in the City Coordinators - Nina Pantalleresco

Maia Fsadni

The Vice President for Internal Affairs is tasked with coordinating the smooth operation of the Board of Directors from within the organisation. Their responsibilities include overseeing office management, guiding the heads of each Standing Committees and their activities, scheduling MMSA events, and compiling KSU’s RAR Report—an extensive document due to the organisation's size, typically exceeding two and a half thousand pages.


Assistant - vacant

Feedback Coordinator - vacant

RAR Coordinator - vacant

Clara Ann Formosa

The Secretary General oversees organisational operations and fosters collaboration and inclusion to achieve the vision and mission of MMSA. The main roles are to organise the board meetings, act as a legal representative and maintain transparency within MMSA which is of utmost importance with our members and external relationships.


This office is also involved with the organisation of the ‘Training and Resource Development Weekend’. It is one of the main events where many MMSA active members come together, make new friendships, strengthen their bonds, while also working to develop their skills as medical students through the various sessions and workshops that are organised during the TRD weekend.


Assistant: Sophia Behrla

Inclusion Coordinators: Vacant

TRD Organising Committee: Vacant

Hospitality Coordinator: Vacant

Finance coordinator: Luca Mercieca Hounsell

Logistics Coordinator:  Sean Kenely

Ceremony and Performance Coordinators: Vacant

Treasure Hunt Coordinator: Vacant

Crew Coordinator: Vacant

Session Coordinators: Vacant

Media Coordinator: Vacant

Daniele Formosa

The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing all of MMSA’s finances, sponsorships, grants, and merchandise distribution, as well as carrying out financial planning and budgeting for the term. Like all other offices and standing committees, the treasurer’s office has its own duties, such as arranging discounts and special offers for medical students and handing out grants for international opportunities and conferences. The team also organises various fundraising events for members and the general public to invest in our future events and in our members.


Assistant - Marija Agius

Merchandise Coordinators - Margherita Vella, Elisa Azzopardi

Grants and Fundraising Coordinator - Vacant