MMSA's Student Spotlight for January is Luigi Dimech

How did your interest in videography begin?

From an early age, I’ve always been mesmerised by the art of capturing a story from different angles and merging them into a final product, along with music and sound effects to embellish it. I started off making videos around the age of ten, by filming myself performing skits for the entertainment of family and friends.

Is there a particular video which you are most proud of, and if so why?

Two years ago, I was given the opportunity to go on an experience in the Philippines with a youth group. I made a travel video of the exceptional activites we had done, including canyoneering, swimming with whale sharks and turtles, jumping into the “sea of a million sardines”, hiking through the jungle and island-hopping. It was surely an experience I shall never forget, moreso because I managed to store the majestic trip on video.

Another video I am similarly proud of is the one I made on my family trip to China, which, on rewatching a year later, has reminded me how diverse humanity is, and how lucky we are as Maltese, when compared to certain different ways of living I have witnessed.

What equipment do you most prefer using?

I love using a drone, because I am able to capture a bird’s-eye-view of a particular situation or scenery which embellishs the experience of the viewer since it gives an angle we are not normally accustomed to (except from an aeroplane!). I also like the Go Pro, being a very portable, water-proof action camera, suitable for all types of adventure!

How do you incorporate your videography passion and your everyday life as a medical student? What advice would you give aspiring videographers?

Having a passion for videography, I have offered to help out in videoing MMSA events from day one of beginning the course. My very first MMSA video was World Diabetes’ Day 2019.

I really enjoy helping others with something that, through experience, has become relatively simple for me to do, yet gives me great pleasure. My advice to aspiring videographers or content creators is to keep at it, never stop learning, and never stop dreaming.