MMSA Elections: The Outcome

Following yesterday's elections, these are the members making up the MMSA Board of Directors 2017-2018:

President: Jordy Borg
Vice-President for Internal Affairs: Yvette Farrugia
Vice-President for External Affairs: Miguel Fenech
Treasurer: Jonathan-George Grima
Secretary General: Saveria Cremona
Public Relations Officer: Mathias Abela
Public Health Officer: Sarah Suleiman
Medical Education Officer: Denise Gatt
Sexual and Reproductive Health Officer: Jessica Barbara
Peer Education and Training Officer: Justine Pearson
Human Rights and Peace Officer: Gabriella Montanaro
Leisure Officer: Josef Camilleri
Exchanges Officer for Incomings: Jessica Darmanin
Exchanges Officer for Outgoings: Claire Attard
Electives Officer: Jessica Dowling

Supervising Council: Nicholas FavaSara BusuttilRebecca Shaw

We would like to thank all the MMSA members that came out to vote. Well done to all the candidates for their stellar work in the association and for keeping this years' election as smooth and fair as possible.

Congratulations to all successful candidates and we wish you a big good luck in your upcoming term. Their term will commence on the 1st of July 2017.

Official results will be published and sent to all MMSA members in the coming days.

Thank you, 
The Electoral Commission