MMSA SCOME - Audit and Research Seminar

Last Monday, SCOME’s Practice Makes Perfect gave students the ideal opportunity to become better informed about what getting involved in clinical research entails, as well as what goes into conducting a clinical audit.

Speakers of the seminar included Prof. Pierre Schembri-Wismayer and Dr. Keith Pace who explained the role a student can take in conducting such research as well as explaining how to get involved. Respresenting the student's perspective was Christine Caruana, a second year medical student who has been helping Prof. Schembri-Wismayer with research. The aim of this seminar was to raise awareness about the opportunities available to medical students, as well as to increases these opportunities. 

Involvement in research should never be underestimated as this can help hone one's skills of being able to evaluate and integrate evidence critically. Textbook concepts can come to life within the lab, deepening your understanding of that particular area of interest. On the other hand, audits can help one become more in touch with patient care standards, highlighting the doctor’s role in holistic patient care.