MMSA Active Members' Gathering

On the 25th of September, the MMSA Board of Directors gathered all MMSA Coordinators, Team members and Active Members at the KSU Common Room. Jordy Borg (MMSA President) welcomed them and told them what the MMSA has been up to so far. He also explained some exciting initiatives that the MMSA has planned for its students.

Then, the other members of the MMSA Executive Board outlined plans in the next couple of weeks - Freshers' Week, Science in the City, Training and Resource Development Seminar and Discover MMSA to name a few. The Treasurer also explained special offers that all MMSA members are entitled to through our partners.

Our Medical Education Officer also explained a few initiatives that her office has planned to welcome the medical freshers, and the Leisure Officer outlined what will happen at the Freshers' Rave.

The MMSA members then helped themselves to some complimentary food and beverage, and mingled together before the start of the scholastic year.