Mr and Mrs Breastestis at St. Aloysius College Sixth Form

The Mr and Mrs Breastestis session held at St Aloysius’ College Sixth Form, on the 8th of November, was organised with the aim of educating and raising awareness with regards to the four reproductive neoplasms, being breast, testicular, cervical and prostate cancer.

The session, which was 45 minutes long, comprised of a 30-minute presentation which covered the important aspects of the neoplasms, how to detect any abnormal changes as early as possible, and the importance of a carrying out a monthly self-examination of oneself to feel for any structural oddities.

The presentation also included a true and false section for which the audience was asked to move to different sides of the room depending on what they thought the answer may be, so as to make the session as interactive as possible and make the audience feel more comfortable with the topic in question.

The presentation was then followed by 10 minutes allocated for any questions that the audience had, especially with regards to the HPV vaccine and the risks associated with testicular cancer in young males. The participants were briefed beforehand regarding these sensitive topics, which helped them in answering the questions more effectively.

Finally, the session ended with some feedback by the audience and the guidance councillor of the school, for which many positive comments were received.