Skola Sajf Peer Education Sessions


SCOPET kicked off its term with a series of informative and interactive sessions at various skola sajf centres around Malta and Gozo. The sessions were targeted at children of different age groups, without excluding kids with special needs who attend resource centres found across the island.

These sessions were of great benefit to the kids themselves as they could absorb knowledge about fitness, nutrition, hygiene, ergonomics and basic manners. Through our Teddy Bear Hospital Sessions, young children also had the opportunity to learn about the doctor's job and tools with the aim of helping them abolish the fears which they might have when encountering medical professionals. However, this is not all. By giving these sessions, this was a golden opportunity for our medical students who as peer educators, managed to practise their public speaking skills, learned how to adapt their presentation skills according to the needs of their audience whilst becoming more knowledgeable themselves!