MMSA's Freshers Week 2017!

A new scholastic year at the University of Malta started on the 2nd of October, and the new medical students were welcomed with several initiatives to help them settle down, get to know more about the medical course, and get to know each other!


A letter was sent to each and every new medical student, containing a program of orientation talks, spanning three days, that were organised by the MMSA. These included a welcome message by theMMSA President and Medical Education Officer, talks by the Senior Executive and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, talks by several senior lecturers of our Faculty about the curriculum and the medical profession, and also talks from the different BD members about the various aspects of the MMSA and how the students can benefit from them. A speed dating exercise was also done to help them get to know each other better.

The students were all given complimentary freshers' packs, which included stationary by our partner Papier Plus Studio, MMSA biro and luggage tag, Go and Fun Scratch card, Food Faculty Voucher and drink, MMSA campaign material such as a card on Blood Donation bookmarks and Maternal Health cards and the official MMSA Freshers' Booklet - a guide to what the MMSA is and what does it do. It also included tips to facilitate adaptation to university.

Furthermore, MMSA had a stand at the KSU Freshers' Week, where it organised a jam-packed week which included free healthy food daily (sponsored by Health Hub and Plan H), free slush daily, MMSA freebies such as pendrives and keychains, discounts of outlets such as subway and competitions where great prizes were won, such as a free 3 month gym membership. During Freshers' Week, registrations were also open for the annual Training and Resource Development Seminar 2017 - the Tribal Edition! A total of 260 students have registered - setting the scene for one of the most memorable weekends of the medical school experience!

Uka Uka and Aku Aku - our TRD 2017 Mascots - with the new medical students

MMSA's stand at the KSU Freshers' Week

The Freshers also had the opportunity to get to know each other, and the rest of the MMSA family through 'Welcome Meds' - an informal gathering at Ta' Tarag Wine Bar on the 2nd of October, and the opportunity to party at the very successful Freshers' Rave - which was organised in collaboration with ELSA and UESA.

Great atmosphere at the Freshers' Rave!

Moreover, the MMSA organised the 'Buddy for a Day' on Wednesday 11th October, to help the first years become more oriented with the premises on Campus and at Mater Dei Hospital. This involves splitting them into groups, and each group were assigned a buddy who showed them around and helped them complete several challenges that they found on their way, prepared by our Standing Committee Heads.

MMSA did not just stop with the first year students though - after organising an orientation talk for the third years, the MMSA organised a second-hand book fair for all students at the biomedical sciences building, and also released survival kits for the first, third and fifth years - containing tips and advice passed on from previous years. Furthermore, it offered medical equipment such as stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers at special prices through our partners Sidroc Services Ltd., and also organised a raffle at Freshers' Week for a free stethoscope.


This is only just the beginning, and the MMSA has more plans in store to help improve medical student life - stay tuned!