MMSA presents - Mind, Heart and Body!

Non-communicable diseases are responsible for the majority of deaths on the Maltese Islands. To raise awareness, the MMSA Public Health team unveiled a new initiative; 'Mind, Heart and Body’!

The aim of this initiative was to raise awareness on how cardiovascular health, obesity and mental health were all interlinked, in light of the international awareness days World Heart Day (29th September), World Mental Health Day (10th October) and World Obesity Day (11th October).

Mind, Heart and Body was split into two: a public awareness event and a workshop for students called: ‘Mind, Heart and Body – Nice or Vice?’

The public awareness event was held in Bugibba Square on Sunday, 1st October. The weather was kind with the team, who set up their tents and carried out a number of activities. These included:

  • Our trademark blood pressure, blood glucose and BMI testing
  • A brand new test for the MMSA – the Perceived stress score (PSS), in order to know how stressed your body is at the moment
  • A free zumba session in the square by Sarah Micallef Smith
  • CPR Simulations by the Malta Resuscitation Council
  • Explanations about defibrilators and heart disease by the Malta Heart Foundation
  • Explanations about cannabis in relation to the mind and body by Dr. Andrew Agius (Doctor specialised on pain therapy)
  • ‘Cycle around the Globe’ initiative – MMSA’s pledge to help the public cycle and donate 1 euro to the Richmond Foundation for every 1km cycled. (Gym bicycle provided by Vivendo group)
  • A whisper booth – collecting reflections and thoughts that were shared on social media on World Mental Health Day

The workshop was held last Wednesday, 11th October and included three main topics:

  • Alcohol and the body –  by Prof. Schembri Wismayer (Associate Professor at the Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery)
  • Smoking and the Heart – by Mr. Walter Busuttil (Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Mater Dei Hospital)
  • Marijuana and the mind – by Dr. Andrew Agius (General Practioner specialised in pain therapy)

Mind, Heart and Body was a great success – with the public awareness event including over 600 healthchecks, 40 CPR simulations and over 65km cycled (and collectively reaching the 100km pledge for the International Association on Suicide Prevention!).

There was also a huge turnout for the workshop – with over 60 participants in attendance.


Stay tuned for the next MMSA-Public Health event!