Student Spotlight Edition 2- January 2018

It is time for Student Spotlight again!

Our January edition features Abigail Pace, a third-year medical student. Following a battle with lymphoma last year, Abigail has experienced the perspective of someone in need of help and support. Therefore, she has started an initiative – Card Creations by Abbie.

Abigail started making cards for every occasion, and selling them to raise money to support the organisation that has supported her in her battle – Puttinu Cares.

Listen to what Abigail had to say:


What has prompted you to start this initiative?

The inspiration that encouraged me to start doing cards was Puttinu Cares themselves. I was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and was therefore required to undergo chemotherapy. While taking my treatment, I came to see from a personal perspective the difference they can make in someone’s life, from the positive ambience they create to the endless dedication they have in making sure each and every patient had access to all the required treatment. As a result, I felt the need to do something in return, and therefore came up with the idea to start card-making, from which donations to Puttinu are given.


Why card-making?

I often had days where I was in unbearable pain, and drawing or making something art-related was extremely therapeutic. Therefore, I wanted to combine something which made me happy and gave me a reason for continue fighting and recovering, with something that could be given and appreciated. By spending time indulging in this form of craft, I was not only benefitting myself, but I was also creating something that others could appreciate and cherish, as well as helping those in need at the same time.

Are there any milestones or accomplishments that you are proud of to date?

A small moment that I will appreciate was when I got chosen to sponsor Miss Malta 2017. The thing that struck me the most about this opportunity was the fact that the contestant that I was sponsoring was passing through the same difficult times that I had been through, and therefore, apart from being an opportunity where people could appreciate my creations, it also ended up being a time of support and encouragement.

However, the proudest milestone that I have accomplished so far was when I gave my Puttinu donations. I felt extremely happy knowing that myself along with all those who ordered a card contributed to make a small donation which could end up making a huge difference in these children’s lives.


Is there a message that you would like to pass on to other students who pass through difficult times?

Believe in yourself. Waking up every day and saying a few words of encouragement to yourself can truly make a difference, even though it may seem impossible to do so at those times. Make a mental list of the positive things you can take from your negative experience, things that will make you stronger in the future. You may be passing through what may seem as the hardest challenge of your life, but in the end, you will be granted with the greatest victory. After all, all things must end, even the negative ones.

Thank you Abigail for being our January entry of our Student Spotlight initiative! We highly encourage you all to support her by purchasing her cards, and help make a difference!

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